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The Placement Myth

It is a common misconception that outsourced or buy-out labour is an expensive and short-term solution to staffing a hotel. In fact, our clients find the opposite to be true. When they factor in the tangible costs of payroll, benefits and taxes, as well as the intangible yet very real costs of recruiting, training and turnover, our clients clearly find that they saved on time and money with EWR.

Whether you are in human resources or operations, you may experience the negative impact of employee turnover everyday. Unfortunately, so do your guests!

Unlike conventional labour sources, EWR is focused on providing our clients with long-term solutions by giving them affordable access to our fall range of resources, be it on a temporary or permanant basis.

Training costs are minimized for our clients by the ability to permanently place EWR temp staff members who have proven themselves to be an asset to their service team while on assignment as a temp.

Providing quality temporary support, along with fool-proof staff recruitment services, is where we excel.

Staff Incentive

Our placement arrangement is designed to be simple and cost-effective for our clients, while also providing swift advancement opportunities to our most skilled and motivated staff members.

From Placement to Permanent

Our unique placement program has been recognized by our clients as a very effective recruitment and screening tool. Our temporary to permanent arrangement consists of a 240 hour placement.

Our clients have the unique ability to select and recruit EWR staff members who have already become familiar with their facility and who have also developed a rapport with their team and their clients while working on a temporary basis.

During a placement, 240 hours of labour are counted down and billed to our clients at our regular temp rate. Upon completion of the 240 hour placement, our clients may directly hire our candidate with no further obligation to EWR.

No Outrageous Placement Fees

There are no placement fees or surcharges for this service. Should a candidate not consistently generate positive performance reviews during a placement, our clients are free to terminate them at any time without any further obligations to the candidate or EWR.

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