Dishwasher and Cook - Personal Info Form

Only fill out this form if you have passed the interview with Chris.

Contact Info

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Legal Info

First Name
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Social Insurance Number
Serving It Right Number
Cook & dishwasher positions don't require Serving It Right. If you wish to become a server, it's a good idea to get it. You may get it here.

Tax Claims

Federal Claim
Provincial Claim

Printable Forms
Federal Printable Form 2016 Federal Tax Credits
[Website: here]
Provincial Printable Form 2016 BC Tax Credits
[Website: here]


For Federal Claim, the basic amount for everyone is 11327.

For Provincial Claim, the basic amount for everyone is 9938.

If you are a student paying tuition in a recognized university or college, you may add the eligibale tuition amount to the basic claim amount. Please follow the guideline here: